Guardian’s Series

600x795Guardian's-Grace_2e (4)Guardians of the Race Series

“When humans first came upon the earth, God sent a sect of his Children, angels as it were, to instruct those humans in righteousness. These Children, these sons of God were seduced by the Daughters of Man. In their beguilement they taught these Daughters of Man the arts of magic and witchcraft to please them and to entice the women to take them as husbands and in the fullness of time the women bore forth the Nephilim, mighty giants who were known as heroes and renowned for their strength and prowess and huge appetites for all things of pleasure and war and the traits of the fathers were passed to the sons.

“So it was for the women also, their gifts being passed from mother to daughter so that the lineage of the mix of Servant and human continued and the Daughters of Man became a race unto themselves.

“Time passed and  the Nephilim lost their way. They abused their gifts, used their size and strength to make war for their own advancement and eventually began to feed on the blood and lives of humans. Over the centuries they forgot the strictures of their fathers.

 “God was not pleased and he set a curse upon their kind. He sent his angel Gabriel to make war upon them and The Great Flood to annihilate those that remained. Still, a few survived and those few saw the error of their ways. They couldn’t change what they were, but they could change the way they lived. Thus the Paenitentia were born. The Penitents. The Race. They saw the Daughters of Man as the source of their downfall and renounced them, severing all ties.

“They refused to take the blood of humans and in atonement for past sins, formed a cadre of their kind called the Guardians of the Race who pledged to protect their members and humankind from the ravaging of those demons that escape through the portals from the Otherworld that was created when God closed the Gates of Heaven. They have lived among and yet apart from their human cousins for centuries, forbidden the light of day.

“The Daughters of Man quietly continued, suffering the indignities of persecution, making their way as best they could, passing the gifts and knowledge down from one generation to the next, Daughter to Daughter. They no longer bore sons.

“They were forced to live the lives of humans in the human world and learned to adapt to maintain their anonymity. “ 

These are the stories of modern day Guardians and the Daughters of Man who love them.