Hidden Mountain

Hidden Mountain Series

Deep in the southern Appalachian Mountain chain lies Hidden Mountain. Dotted with tiny hamlets and villages, it’s a little ragged, a little worn, but the people who live there wouldn’t choose to live anywhere else. As they say, “I’d rather be poor on the mountain than be rich anyplace else on earth.”

Not everyone stays, but lately in the little town of Prestons Mill, newcomers seem to be arriving at an alarming rate. Some will leave, but some will be called to the mountain to stay. It’s a place to make good friends and raise a family. It’s a place to heal old wounds and find new happiness. It’s a place to fall in love. It’s a place to call home.

Come visit Hidden Mountain. Things are changing. Good things are happening. Come meet the people who live there and share their lives. Perhaps you’ll find love there, too.