The Wolvers

Notice: Because the Alpha series was written as a trilogy about three brothers, some readers are under the assumption that the series is finished. Not so! The Goodman brothers may have their Mates, but there are more wolvers out there still searching for theirs. They’re hiding all over the country in some of the most peculiar places and they’re waiting for their stories to be told. Have patience! For those who need a tad more than that, there’s a new Sheriff in town! The next wolver story (as yet untitled) takes place in a Ghost Town come to life

TheWolvers Series

Several years ago, when I was researching something not the least bit connected with the paranormal, I came across some Scottish legends written in old English. It is my biggest flaw as  researcher; I’m easily distracted. So, one thing led to another and suddenly hours had passed. My research still wasn’t completed, but I had a another drawer in my mind filled with useless information. (That’s how I’ve always thought of my mind – as a room full of drawers, mostly stuffed with, well, stuff!) It was different, interesting, but let’s face it, what the hell was I going to do with it?

Flash forward a few years to where I’d just finished Joy. None of those books had been sold or published and while I had other ideas in my head, I needed a break from the gang. I didn’t want the storyline to get stale through repetition. I thought about werewolves, but again, let’s face it, there were tons of them out there and like my Guardians, I was looking for something a bit different. Like the Guardian’s, I wanted a paranormal story that was woman centered, but not Urban Fantasy. I started wondering what it would be like to find yourself in what appeared to be a normal situation that turned out to be anything but normal.

That drawer popped open and there they were – my Wolvers! The legends called them Wulvers, but hey, I’m American, people, and you know what we’ve done to the ‘English’ language! Besides (she argued because that’s what she does) my wolvers are different.

The original story of the Wulvers came from the Shetland Islands, a subarctic archipelago of one hundred rugged islands off the northern coast of Scotland. Unlike the werewolves of other legends, these creatures were not bitten and transformed. They were born part wolf, part man, and according to legend, their looks were a combination of the two. Some speculate that this legend evolved from a rare genetic condition called hirsutism or more properly hypertrichosis that persisted because of the isolation of the Shetland population. (There I go again, chasing the wild hare!) Wulvers were known to be peaceful creatures, kindly even; leaving fish on the doorsteps of the poor and leading lost travellers to safety. They would, however, fight to protect their own. Hmmm.

I started thinking (always a dangerous practice) how awful it would be to be tarnished with the same brush as werewolves; to have the same thoughts and feelings as humans, but to always have the beast inside; to have to hide in plain sight and never reveal who you really are. One ‘what if’ led to another and the packs were born.

My wolvers, of course, had to be ‘dressed up’ in human form and they don’t all hail from the Shetlands, but that’s where they began. Authors are often asked where their ideas come from, so I thought some of you might like to know.