New Beginnings

The magic of Hidden Mountain is at work again…

Welcome back to Hidden Mountain, a place where a knight in dirty jeans and flannel shirt might still come charging to the rescue on a magnificent steed, and family means more than sharing a name on a law firm’s door. It’s a place where hearts are healed and spirits are renewed; a place where friendship means more than money, and love in all its forms abounds.

It’s the perfect place for a new beginning and a new romance.

To the folks at the Downtown Cafe, where everyone knows everything about everybody, Olivia Granger remains a mystery. She’s a mite standoffish and has little to say outside her law office. She’s chosen the small, mountain town as a place where she can hide from the pain of past mistakes, but old sins, just like chickens, always come home to roost. When Olivia’s arrive, she has nowhere to turn – or so she thinks.

Dan Tolliver is a logger and horse rescuer who knows a wounded soul when he sees one, even if that soul is dressed in expensive clothes and has more degrees than he has dollars in his pocket. He’s a man of few words, but when action is called for, Dan’s quiet strength and courage speak loud and clear. He’s determined to show Olivia she’s worthy of love and forgiveness, and with a little help from his friends, he just might do it.

Olivia thinks her life is over. The whispers on Hidden Mountain say it’s just beginning.